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White Paper On Service

The 「White Paper On Service」is the office gift to all residents living in the north
district . We promise to do our best to enhance the quality of our service .

Our Service
Hardware Parts
Redecorate the office , paint the wall and lower the heights of the counters for a
refreshing look .
Set up an area with sofas and paper for people to rest .
Set the writing desks and there are copies for people to fill in the form .
The parking space , slope , elevator , blind guiding path , fax machine and caring
bell for the handicapped people . As long as you push a button or give us a ring
by cell phones, our people will come out to help you .
Beautify and green the office and redecorate the information counter and offer
people a better environment.

Offer glasses for far-sighted people at the information counter .
Set up the new electronic bulletinboard to post the latest notices.
Software Parts
Renew and strengthen the function of the information counter . Offer the
consultation on affairs and fill in the form or copy papers .
Offer flexible working hours to allow people to come to the office without
taking leaves .
Offer tea to people for respection .
People on duty would guide and help the citizens .
Set the mailbox for reform .
Cooperate with the community to clean the neighborhood .
Carry out the computerization to better the efficiency .
Better the functions of the division of social affairs ,ex:allowance and free bus
tickets for old people .
Use any means to tell people information .
Mayor would go to every district and talk to the citizens since February .
Better the system of information .
To help the handicapped and sick persons , the district clerk would send the
money of relief or the booklet for the handicapped home .
If you want to know more , we have 〞The handbook for serving the citizens〞
for free , you can call and we would send it to you .