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District administration brief
This district is situated at the northern end of Tainan City, hence it is called the
Northern District. It is formed by the Lao-Song, Pao, Ming-Chi, Fu-Chu, Ju-Chuan,
Bei-Men, Hwa-Yuan, Shan-Fen-Zhi, Cheng-Zhi Liao, Da-Kang Liao, Wen-Yuan
Liao neighborhood towards the end of the Japanese occupation. Currently, it
borders Yung-Kang city of Tainan county to the east with Tsai-Toh-Kang,
borders the Eastern district with Bei-Men road and Xiao-Dong road, and the central
district with Cheng-Kung road to the south, and the western district with Wu-Sheng
road and He-Wei road to the west, and An-Nan district with Yen-Shuei creek to the
North. On February 4th 2002, the administration district of the entire city is divided
into 43 neighborhoods. The terrain in this district is flat, and the weather is
tropical since it is situated south of the Tropic of Cancer, and due to the influence
of the sea and heavy showers, the annual average temperature is around 24
degrees Celsius, which is quite comfortable, though it is quite windy and the low
areas are easily flooded during typhoon season. In this district, there is the Tainan
City Library and Children’s Science Museum next to the Tainan Park available
for study and recreational activities during days off. There are also three class 2
listed heritages (Kai-Yuan Temple, Kai-Chi Sea Goddess Temple, Shan-Shan
King’s Shrine), five class 3 listed heritages (Chong Dao Chong Wen monument
(inside Tainan Park), Hsing-Chi Temple, Hsi-Hwa Hall, Big Kuan-Yin pavilion,
Wu-Guei well (on Chi-Chang street)), which are also good places for worship by
the local folks. In addition, there are two commercial zones (Xiao-Bei tourist night
market and Tung-Feng commercial zone) available for consumers to enjoy great
food, shopping and recreation.

Future district administration
The border river between Tainan county and city of Tsai-Toh-Kang creek always floods
when it rains, resulting in the collapse of river banks, endangering households on either
sides of the creek, hence it hinders the development of such areas. But with the city
government actively fighting for funding in cooperation with the Tainan county recently,
it is starting to show potential in future development with new rejuvenating energy in
the area. The future development concepts and anticipations for the district is proposed
as follows:

Dredging of Tsai-Toh-Kang creek
Rebuild of arms accessory factory.
Promote Xiao-Bei light meal culture and Tung-Feng commercial zone.
Improve roadwork efficiency and quality.
Strengthen apartment buildings and communities.
Ensure care on minority and disadvantaged groups.
Promote folks cultural activity.
Speed up town renewal planning.
Create tidy city environment.
Provide mediation, legal services.
Promote religion, temple and shrines, eliminate drugs.
Practice disaster prevention, earthquake prevention and civil protection.
Improve the social welfare operation.
Promote national health operation.
Promote neighborhood or precinct park adoption and maintenance.
Utilize social resources to promote district administration.
Carry our basic small scale construction projects.
In order to facilitate the development of Tainan and town planning reform, create a warm,
peaceful and comfortable living space, the new generation of public servants shall be
free of corruption, people serving and enhance administration efficiency to welcome the
new government made up of a refined team in the hope of improving district
administration performance.