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Introduction Tainan North District Office

Council history, population and area

The north district aptly named because it is on the north side of Tainan. It consists of
Lao-sung ting , Pao ting , Min-tzu ting , Hu-tsu ting , Ju-chuan ting , Pei-men ting ,
Hua-yuan ting , San-fen tzu , Tseng-tzu liao , Ta-kang liao and Wen-yuan liao which
were place names during the Japanese occupation .

It borders the Yung-kang district it's east along Tsai-tou-kang river.
Pei-men Rd. and Hsiao-tung Rd. separate the north and east district . On the south
Cheng-kung Rd. separates the north and central district. On the west Wu-sheng Rd.
and sec4,5 Ho-wei Rd. separate the north and west district . On it's north it shares
borders with the An-nan district along the Yen-shui river.

population: total 132,000+ people in more than 50,500 households
area : 10,434 square kilometers
the number of li and lin:43 lis 850 lins

Kaiyuan Village , Yuanbao Village , Guosing Village , Huasing Village , Lising Village , Chongsing Village , Dongsing Village , Singsheng Village , Changrong Village , Jhensing Village , Ren-ai Village , Sheng-an Village , Jhonglou Village , Yongsiang Village , Siaokang Village , Shihjian Village , Guangwu Village , Dadao Village , Dashan Village , Daren Village , Singbei Village , Gongyuan Village , Jhengfong Village , Yanping Village , Singnan Village , Yuhuang Village , Jhengjyue Village , Lioujia Village , Guosing Village , Changde Village , Sande Village , Wufu Village , Chenggong Village , Chengde Village , Heshun Village , Anmin Village , Wunyuan Village , Wuncheng Village , Yumin Village , Dahe Village , Dagang Village , Dafong Village , Sianbei Village ,

13. Simplified mental and physical disability verification process: Besides
applying for the verification form at the district council, people with mental
and/or physical disability can also go directly to any mental and physical
disability verification medical institutions in this city to apply for verification,
to save running around by our citizens.

Education overview and major roads
There are seven public primary schools in this district: Kai-Yuan, Gong-Yuan, Da-Kang,
Hsien-Bei, Da-Kuang, Wen-Yuan and Li-Jen primary school, one private primary school
(Pao-Jen Primary School), four public junior high schools (Yen-Ping, Cheng-Kung,
Wen-Hsien & Min-De junior high schools), one public high school (Tainan Second
High School), two private high schools (Kun-Shan high school and Shen-Kung Girls
High School).

Educational level of citizen over 15 years of age: post graduate degrees ~3,235
people, university degree ~17,421 people, professional college~14,365 people,
high school ~31,758 people, junior high school ~13,232 people,
primary school ~18,582 people, literate ~412 people, illiterate ~2,131 people;
total population over 15 years of age 101,136 people as of the end of 2003.

The major roads in this district are: Kung-Yuan Rd., Kai-Yuan Rd., Section 3 Hai-An
Rd., Sec 2 Lin-An Rd., Dong-Feng Rd., Kung-Yuan Sth. & Nth. Rd., Bei-Men Rd.,
Wen-Hsien Rd., Chung-Hwa Nth. Rd., Sec.1 Bei-An Rd., Sec 3&4 Si-Men Rd.,
and Sec. 2,3,4&5 He-Wei Rd., etc. paved with high grade concrete bitumen . The
connecting roads or streets are all paved with bitumen or concrete surfaces. Traffic is
convenient with the North-South intercity roadway passing through this district, and the
Highway interchange close by. On top of that, the National railway passing through this
district and the Tainan railway station on the right of this district makes traffic even
more convenient.

Geological environment and traffic condition
Location Map of Northern district council of Tainan City

Our council is located at No.7, Lane 238, Cheng Kung Road, Tainan City, close to the
city center, about 1Km away from the train station, and directly accessible by bus (get
off at Cheng Kung or Li-Jen primary school stop). People can enter through Lane 238,
Cheng Kung Road (opposite Cheng Kung Primary School), or the alleyway opposite
the front gate of Li-Jen primary school.

Natural Environment
The terrain in this district is flat, and the weather is tropical since it is situated south of
the Tropic of Cancer, and due to the influence of the sea and heavy showers, the
annual average temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius, which is quite comfortable,
though it is quite windy and the low areas are easily flooded during typhoon season.
There are both commercial and residential zones in this district with more than 80%
developed as a commercial zone and the remaining 20% undeveloped but a rezoned
area. There are approximately 6,500 commercial establishments, 300 small industry
establishments, 9 hectares of aqua-cultural pond area, 4.85 hectares of farm land
producing mainly corn, vegetable, flowers and fruit trees, while the fishing industry
produces mainly Tilapia, Silver Carp, Grass Carp and other fresh water fishes.

In this district, there is the Tainan City Library and Children’s Science Museum next to
the Tainan Park available for study and recreational activities during days off. There
are also three class 2 listed heritages (Kai-Yuan Temple, Kai-Chi Sea Goddess
Temple, Shan-Shan King’s Shrine), five class 3 listed heritages (Chong Dao Chong
Wen monument (inside Tainan Park), Hsing-Chi Temple, Hsi-Hwa Hall, Big Kuan-Yin
pavilion, Wu-Guei well (on Chi-Chang street)), which are also good places for worship
by the local folks. In addition, there are two commercial zones (Xiao-Bei tourist night
market and Tung-Feng commercial zone) available for consumers to enjoy great food,
shopping and recreation.