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Job description for each operational unit

Manages self-governing, land affairs, education, environmental protection, hygiene, religion, etiquette and custom, literature, celebration, election, mediation, aborigines, Hakka affairs and other relevant Civil 
administrative affairs. 
Manages social welfare, social assistance, national health insurance, 
public associations, labor affairs and other related social administrative 
Manages farms, forest, food supply administration, fisheries, commerce 
and industry and civil engineering, assist taxation authority and other 
production construction related affairs. 
Manages recruitment, post management, training, duty and related 
military administrative affairs and official dispatch, filing, general 
administration, cashier, property management, official seals, hand over, 
regulations, reviews, services to citizen and other affairs not included in 
any section. 
District council engages an accounting supervisor to process annual budgets, 
bookkeeping and statistics in accordance with the law. 
The district council engages a Human resource administrator to process HR 
management operation and political integrity issues in accordance with the law. 

Council phone No.:886-6-2110711、886-6-2267128
Fax No.:886-6-2286993、886-6-2210634
Email address:tncg026@ms1.gsn.gov.tw

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday 8 : 00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, 13: 30 - 17:30
Flexible work hours during lunch break to maintain service operation:
Monday to Friday 12:00~13:30

Service items:
1.Military items – return report
2.bus tickets for senior citizens
Phone No., Fax No. and email address for each sectional supervisors are as follows:

  • District Mayor Office 06-2217257 ˙ Secretary 06-2253279 
  • Civil Admin supervisor 06-2260038 ˙ Military admin Supervisor 06-2209483 
  • Economic & Construction supervisor 06-2216117 
  • Social admin Supervisor 06-2204716 
  • Civil Admin Fax No. 06-2286993 
  • Economics & Construction Fax No. 06-2254856 
  • Social Admin Fax No. 06-2210634 ˙ Military admin fax no. 06-2209480 
  • Mediation office 06-2272303 
  • Civil Admin section email address tncnd3@mail3.tncg.gov.tw 
  • Military admin section email address tncnd4@mail3.tncg.gov.tw 
  • Social Admin section email address tncnd5@mail3.tncg.gov.tw 
  • Economics & Construction section email address tncnd6@mail3.tncg.gov.tw